To send a picture by e-mail, in addition to Internet access, you need to have your own e-mail address (e-mail) and an associated mailbox, the mail exchange will happen. If you do not have an email address and a mailbox, first you have to register it on your name on any of the servers, or the other).
Suppose that you have a mailbox on the public PTR of the Internet Enter your e-mail and in the top row, click on the tab "Write". You will see the page "New email".
Fill in the to: line specifying the email address to which you want to send a letter. Address you can write, and you can select from the address book that opens when you click the left mouse button on the underlined word "Who" before the address bar.
Then make one click on the tab "Attach file". In the opened window, you need to find the folder with the photos you want to send an email.
For example, the desired pictures you are in the Photos folder on the D drive of your computer. Then in the opened window, click once on the tab labeled "Computer", then make two clicks on the tab "Local disk (D:)", then double-click the folder "Photo".
Scroll to the desired picture by clicking on it once. The file name will rise in line with the name "file Name" at the bottom of the window.
Then click once on the tab labeled "Open" in the lower right corner of the window and the selected photo will begin downloading to the page of your e-mails.
Once it's finished uploading photos click on the "Send" tab in the lower left corner of the page and your email with attached photo to go to the specified address.
If you need to send a few photos, and the mailbox size is limited, you will have to adapt photos for email, i.e. to compress them. To begin, select desired photos and download them to a page with the letter.
At the bottom of the window with the photos you will see a line that says "Photos will not be adapted for Internet Change. While photos are loaded, click on the word "Change". A window will open where you mark the circle before the line "shrink large pictures" and put a check Box before the line "Apply to the already attached photos".
Then click on the tab "done" and uploaded pictures will become smaller, i.e., will be adapted for the Internet.