You will need
  • - registration and licensing documents;
  • premises;
  • - furniture, office equipment and consumables;
  • brokerage contracts with insurance companies;
  • - employees;
  • advertising.
If you decide to become a part of the insurance business, instead of opening the insurance company can become a broker, offering to sell insurance to other firms for a fee. The broker is not liable to the insurer is legally and does not guarantee the solvency of insurance companies.
To sell the insurance policies, you must first register in the tax office as a legal entity or individual entrepreneur, to get your hands on the relevant evidence.
Insurance – licensed activities, so for the broker selling the insurance policy, you must obtain a license.
Choose a good room somewhere in a big shopping Mall, on a busy street, and even better directly in places of a congestion of motorists, such as car markets and salons, services, inspection, police. Purchase furniture, office equipment and supplies.
Conclude brokerage contracts with largest insurance companies. Let the range will be small, but in the sale you will have the insurance policies the most well-known companies, as well as those that provide customers additional bonuses, discounts, gifts.
You must have a long day at work, serve customers at weekends and on without a break for lunch, so you have to do on their own with such loading is unlikely. Hire one or two client managers.
Don't forget about advertising. Use to attract customers a variety of tools: signs and sidewalk signs, posters and flyers in places where potential customers, ads in local advertising publications.
A good solution would be to open an Internet site and organize delivery of insurance policies on the house, because most motorists people are very busy. Writing a website and its promotion is best left to professionals to ensure a large audience of potential buyers.