Make sure that your hardware (video card and monitor) supports resolution of 1440H900. You can read it from the user guide or on the official website of the manufacturer. Also if you are using a laptop, make sure that you have not integrated into the motherboard model of your video card, because often they do not support the installation of such authorization. You can check it in device Manager or looking at the settings of the video card in the reviews online.
Just right click in a blank area of the desktop, in the shortcut menu, select "Properties". In the small window that appears settings click on the Settings tab, set the required module connections monitor from the dropdown menu, then navigate to the resolution adjustment. Note also on the aspect ratio of the monitor, it must match the aspect ratio of the screen resolution.
Select the resolution 1440H900 if it fit the parameters of your screen, apply and save the changes. In Windows Vista and Windows Seven, these options are configured from the menu "Personalization" also, when you right-click in any blank area of the desktop.
If you have some discomfort after you change the screen resolution settings on 1440H900, change it to something more appropriate in the corresponding menu item. Also test the video card at this resolution, running one of the games on your computer.
If there will be problem with the adapter, make the resolution slightly smaller. To determine the optimal values for your monitor, use a special additional software, which you can find on the Internet. Do not install in advance a maximum value for the graphics card.