You will need
  • Dark t-shirt;
  • acrylic paint;
  • cardboard;
  • scissors;
  • boots;
  • knee;
  • fabric;
  • pin.
The knight's costume can be made from scrap materials. Pick up the loose long shirt of dark color. Fabric should be dense. It is desirable that it was more your size and resembled a tunic. Cut sleeve t-shirt in a straight line. Then with a pencil, draw a scalloped pattern on the bottom edge of the shirt. Take the scissors and cut the hem on this pattern. To the edge of the fabric is not messed up, hem them.
Decorate the center of the tunic coat of arms. You can draw the item using acrylic paints. The contour was smooth, cut-out paper stencil. Also the decoration can be done in the form of application. Sketch a freehand drawing or find a picture online. Then transfer the image to fabric. Cut the parts, sew them onto the tunic.
The pride of a knight – his hero's sword. Take a thick cardboard and scribble on it the contours of the sword with a pencil. The edge of the sword do not make too acute, especially if the costume is meant for a child. Paint the blade silver paint. If the paint you have, replace it with grey. The hilt of the sword make brown.
The knight must be protected. Therefore, the second primary attribute of this character – shield. Its shape can be round, hexagonal or any other, as desired. Cut out the selected shape from cardboard. Paint it in black, grey or red. Then cut two small slits in the center of the shield. They should be horizontal. Thread through the holes of a belt or a wide ribbon. Stitch the loose edge of the belt. Now you can wear the shield on your wrist. Cut out white paper Fleur-de-Lys and glue it to the middle of the shield so that it covers the belt.
The quality of the Shoe will fit tall dark boots. They can be decorated. Pick up black socks, of the same height with the boots. To the edge of every Golf pristrochite ring from wide fabric stripes with scalloped pattern. The pattern should be the same as on the tunic, but with smaller teeth. Wearing socks and boots, remove the sewn strip.
From a square piece of flowing fabric make a Cape. First, smoothen the edges, and then connect the two neighboring square end beautiful brooch.
Wear under a suit, plain shirt with long sleeves and formfitting sweatpants. It is best if both items of clothing will be silver color. In this case, they are similar to chain mail.