First read the whole text from beginning to end. Read carefully, take your time. If you come across a strange word, be sure to check its value in the dictionary.
Then, determine the theme of the text and its main idea. The theme is what is said in the text, but the basic idea is that for which it was written. If you can't articulate, read the text again.
Next, divide the text into meaningful parts. Carefully read each part. Highlight the main and title.
Write down the points of the plan to draft. Read the text again.

Please note the following:

- consistently reflects whether the plot twists of the text;

- whether the exact wording of the items;

- do not repeat headers;

- everything is important you have identified;

- do the theme and the main idea of the text in your plan.
If errors you have not noticed, then you should check yourself. Retell or write the text using the compiled plan you. If you plan well, you'll be able to reproduce the original text.
Now carefully copy the final version of the plan in a notebook.