Determine the theme of the text, answering the question: "What interests the author of the text?" The answer to this question comes easily for granted, especially if the topic is reflected in the title directly. When the name uses the metaphor, define the topic, reading the text paragraphs. Assume that the topic — marking of the subject of speech (what is said in the text about any vital events, issues), and the main idea is the author's attitude to the subject matter of the question, his score depicted.
Identify the task set by the author of the text. Ask yourself, what did the author want to say on the topic? If he wanted to convey information, to Express their attitude to the problem or focus on a topical issue.
Please note, what is the peculiarity of the author's perception? How the author expresses the estimation of the objects or phenomena that attracted his attention? Lighting range of problems with the author's position is the main purpose and idea of the text.
Answer the question of why the author believes this way? What arguments does the author support his position? Reading the text, pay attention to key words in sentences. Given that the lyrics are written with the use of various techniques of persuasion, hyperbilirubemia, or artistic techniques create brightness and figurativeness of the text, it is possible to separate the secondary from the main words that carry meaning. Thus simplifies the isolation of the main thoughts.
Finally, determine what conclusions does the author? The main idea in the text can be framed as a certain author's conclusion, which brings the author and reader. When answering questions lean on those speech tools that the author uses. In other words, quote, if you perform academic or analytical work, it will allow you not to be unfounded. Conversely, formulate the main idea in your own words for yourself, to further its understanding and memorization of the text.