If you want to buy high quality polarized glasses that will last you more than one season, try to find a shop with a good reputation. If the purchase will make the dubious point, then there is no guarantee that this polarized sunglasses and not ordinary sunglasses, you will not get.
Try on glasses. In this case, you should not feel any discomfort – bow is nowhere to push or, conversely, to fly with you at the first sudden movement. It is better to buy just the ones that fit perfectly. However, there are some models where the possibility of bending the part of the arch, which is adjacent to ears. In this case you can adopt for yourself.
Let's see how transparent the lenses through them you should see the world without distortion, clear and without a ripple in the eyes.
Keep in mind that a polarizing glass with diopters almost never occur, as the combination of two technologies – optical and polarization - the process is very time-consuming and expensive. So you can offer vision glasses with anti-reflective coating. This coating removes the glare only on the lens. The best way to myopic – combination of contact lenses and polarized glasses. If you for some reason can't use contact lenses, you'd better choose polarized sunglasses pads.
To ensure that you're real polarized glasses or plates, not a fake, take two pairs of glasses and fold them at an angle of 90 degrees to each other. The light in this case, the lens must not pass.
View through the glasses on the LCD monitor by turning it around its axis: if the display becomes black, then you have real polarized glasses.
Pay attention to the lens material. Drivers, for example, it is better to choose plastic (polycarbonate), because they are lighter, less misted and not so traumatic, like glass.
Choosing color lenses, it depends on why you need them. If you want to wear them all the time, then the best filter will be gray. These lenses are less irritating to the eyes and convey almost all shades of colors. If glasses are needed for fishing, take a yellow lens if going to fish on the river, or the blue and mirror – if going to the beach. If you drive a car, your best choice will be lenses grey, brown or green shades.