Try to use in the fight against herpes traditional recipes. Cut in half zest and RUB the affected area of the mucous membrane. Do this several times a day.
In salt water soak a small piece of black bread. Apply it to the ulcer and hold language. Prepare a solution of 1 dessert spoon of salt in a glass of boiled warm water.
Lubricate the lesion aloe.
Take herbal teas. It can be herbal teas made from herbs such as burdock, lemon balm, red clover, viburnum, St. John's wort, chamomile, wormwood and many others. As decoctions of these herbs you can use for rinsing.
There is a belief that herpes in any case cease to bother you in a week, will you treat him or not. Incorrect misleading. Herpes is contagious and failure to observe rules of personal hygiene you will not only achieve its distribution on wider area of your body, but you run the risk of infecting loved ones. So try not to touch the sores and if you come in contact be sure to wash your hands.
Don't forget the mouth rinse disinfectants and forget for a time about kissing. It is not necessary to use the same dishes. Do not use someone else's lipstick and don't lend friends their.
In order to prevent the occurrence of ulcers, feeling of itching or burning, take vitamins C and P. In most cases, they help to protect the mucosa from lesions. Vitamin complexes can purchase at the pharmacy or to replace them with fruits and vegetables rich in these vitamins.