You will need
  • - toothbrush;
  • - bleach;
  • washing powder;
  • - washing machine
  • - water.
Turn garment inside out, put the place on which is visible the acrylic paint under running cold water. The pressure must be powerful enough to wash away the traces had not managed to get to grips with fabric dye. Press the thing to remove excess moisture.
Place wet clothes in the washing machine. Pour the powder (do not use conditioners and other additives, which are commonly used in the process of washing, set wash cycle in cold water, selecting the time program. After washing, inspect the clean clothes. If you remove the paint from the clothing not work, wash it again.
If you get the stain failed and after repeated washing, moisten with water. Now apply to a soft toothbrush a small amount of powder and gently RUB the pollution. RUB the powder into the fabric with circular motions. Remove the excess of powder under running hot water (optimum temperature 50-60 degrees).
Place the pre-treated clothes in the washing machine and set the wash cycle in hot water, be sure to view the fabric type. If the fabric is not designed to handle high temperature, choose the program that best suits the texture of the material. In the process of washing you can use a bleach containing chlorine or other bleach.