Advice 1: How to bring acrylic paint

Modern acrylic paints in the majority are made water-based. So you can get the stain out without using chemical solutions. But to do so, preferably while it is fresh and the paint hasn't time to dry out.
How to bring acrylic paint
You will need
  • - toothbrush;
  • - bleach;
  • washing powder;
  • - washing machine
  • - water.
Turn garment inside out, put the place on which is visible the acrylic paint under running cold water. The pressure must be powerful enough to wash away the traces had not managed to get to grips with fabric dye. Press the thing to remove excess moisture.
Place wet clothes in the washing machine. Pour the powder (do not use conditioners and other additives, which are commonly used in the process of washing, set wash cycle in cold water, selecting the time program. After washing, inspect the clean clothes. If you remove the paint from the clothing not work, wash it again.
If you get the stain failed and after repeated washing, moisten with water. Now apply to a soft toothbrush a small amount of powder and gently RUB the pollution. RUB the powder into the fabric with circular motions. Remove the excess of powder under running hot water (optimum temperature 50-60 degrees).
Place the pre-treated clothes in the washing machine and set the wash cycle in hot water, be sure to view the fabric type. If the fabric is not designed to handle high temperature, choose the program that best suits the texture of the material. In the process of washing you can use a bleach containing chlorine or other bleach.
Never use chlorine bleach for processing color things, because in its composition contains substances that corrode the color. This drug is for white material. For washing colored clothes apply appropriate stain removers that do not contain chlorine and other additives.
Useful advice
To remove paint from clothing, experts recommend the use of detergent for difficult dirt. The properties of the cleaning compound, usually indicated on the package.

Advice 2 : How to wash off acrylic paint

Acrylic paints are produced on water basis. So getting on your clothes, it can be easy to wash. But at the same time, the dried paint is difficult to eliminate. The sooner you start to remove stains, the better the chances for a positive outcome.
How to wash off acrylic paint
You will need
  • Liquid for washing dishes;
  • - refined gasoline;
  • - vinegar;
  • - white spirit;
  • - oxygen bleach.
A fresh stain from acrylic paint can be deduced as follows. Remove the stained clothing inside out. Substitute a contaminated site under a stream of cold water. Then asterite trace of the stain with bar soap or liquid for washing dishes. Put the product in the drum of the washing machine and rinse.
To remove stains from acrylic paint, prepare the soap solution. Pour into the container of hot water, add a little liquid soap or washing powder and a few tablespoons of vinegar. Dampen a sponge in the fluid and treat the contaminated area from the periphery to the center. After the wash the trail away from the spot under running water and dry.
For removing old stains use cleaned gasoline. It can be bought at a hardware store. On the reverse side of the product place a white cloth or paper towel. Moisten a cotton or gauze swab in the solvent. Gently wipe off any dirt from the edges to the middle, to prevent the appearance of spots. Rinse the cloth in running water and wash as usual. When working with gasoline go to the balcony or outside if you live in a private home. In addition, stay away from fire sources.
The stain can white spirit or other solvent. Soak a cotton pad in the remedy and treat contamination from the edges to the middle. Asterite trace of the stain soap or stain remover. Rinse the cloth in running water.
To withdraw stain from acrylic paint on the white cloth, take the oxygen bleach. Apply it on the contaminated area of the product and leave it for a while. Then wash the trace of the stain with running water. Put the clothes in the washing machine, select the mode that matches the type of fabric, and add to the washing powder bleach.
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