You will need
  • Gardening book for the plot, the conclusion of the HUNDRED, the judgment of the administration, cadastral passport, the receipt on payment of state duty.
In the presence of the cottage in gardening Association in the hands of you must be the owner of the membership, which reflects the number of your plot. If this book after so many years had been lost, contact the Chairman of the dacha community. Order the restoration of the garden books on archival documents.
In local government, the administration, write a statement for you in the property of the land plot according to article 28 of the Federal law "About gardening associations of citizens. Describe in detail the location of their cottages. Specify its location relative to nearby landmarks, which your plot will be easy to find.
Then take to the Board of horticulture to the conclusion that this land plot assigned to you. Show made for the administration's description of its Chairman and ask to confirm in conclusion, conformity of the description to the real plot of garden.
Provide all documents from the horticultural society, together with the written statement to the administration of your community. Two weeks later take a decision on the transfer of the horticultural precinct in your property.
Contact the state registry for obtaining a cadastral plan. It is issued in the subdivision of Rosreestr involved in the maintenance of cadastre of real estate. To order inventory grant to the authority received from the administration, the legal decision on the transfer of garden soil in the property. After a set time take away a cadastral plan on the ground of rosreestra.
Pay the fee for state registration of property rights to land plot. Take this to the Registrar a statement of registration, paid receipt duties, the cadastral passport and the decision of the administration on the provision of a garden plot property.
After one month, the documents of title on your cottage will be ready. Take them from the registration chamber.