You will need
    • Turk
    • ground coffee,
    • cold water
    • spices(optional)
Take a special container called "pots" or "Turk" to brew Turkish coffee.
Find out how long they need to cook coffee. At home coffee, in Turkey, the Turks are sold in different sizes depending on the number of people. Of course, you can try to cook coffee in the Turk for two intended for four people, but the taste will be already another.
For a single serving of coffee , take one teaspoon of carefully ground coffee. If you prefer sweet coffee, add one or half teaspoon of sugar to taste.
Pour in Turku with coffee one coffeeyou a Cup of water. Put on the slow fire. Immediately remove from heat as soon as the foam appears and begins to rise.
Be sure to remove the foam with a spoon and put in a Cup of coffee.
Turku again put on fire. As soon as you feel that coffee 's going to boil, immediately remove the coffee from heat. Pour coffee into a Cup and drink with pleasure.
At will of coffee , you can add spices, but not very many, and finely ground at the beginning of cooking.