A few words about the contents

Preparing the future home for Guinea pigs, you need to remember a few simple rules.

Cage size should be at least 50x60 itself and the metal mesh needs to be small cell.

On the floor of the house, you must pour it large chips, as small can get the rodent in the eyes or mouth. The best option is to cover the bottom of the cage with hay.

Drinker and feeder should be made of heavy material, so that the pig did not dare to turn it.

Cleaning the cage should be carried out not less than once in 2 days. To facilitate this procedure, it is recommended to put in the cell of a small tray-trough with the sorbent. Mumps can use it as a toilet. In this case, the contents of the tray can be changed daily and basic cleaning should be done once a week.

The teeth of Guinea pigs grow throughout life and because the animal just need to grind off. For this purpose, the housing of the pet you need to put "trainer" for the teeth. It can be purchased at the pet store, but you can replace the solid line fruit species, e.g., Apple.

About the drafts, humidity and bathing

Homeland of Guinea pigs in South America, but because they are extremely thermophilic. This rodent is absolutely not tolerate wet areas, and drafts. Moreover, the drafts and cold may cause death of the animal, and therefore choosing the location for the cells, it is necessary thoroughly to make sure that this place was not sudden movements of air.

Special talyubittu different longhaired breeds of Guinea pigs. Even with a very short stay in a cold room, the animal may die with a probability of 90%.

In the warm season the Guinea pig to take a walk and even on the country site. But in the case of a longer stay of the animal in the fresh air, it is necessary to equip the cage so that it was protected from wind and rain.

However, no less destructive to Guinea-pigs and high temperature. Therefore, protecting pet from the cold and wind, you need to ensure that it does not get direct sunlight, but the apartment cell was not located next to the battery.

The optimum temperature for keeping of the animal is 18-20 degrees.

Guinea pigs do not like to bathe. But if this procedure becomes necessary, care should be taken to rodent after it is not cold. For this purpose it good wipe, and then dried his hair with the Hairdryer. The beast must be warm.