Select the model of the jacket and remove all the measurements: bust, waist, length, sleeve, shoulder, shelves and backs. Calculate the correct amount of fabric needed for the jacket, do not forget the lining fabric. When choosing fabric, follow the advice of professionals.
You can also ask sellers in the store to advise you regarding the quality of any fabric. Prepare (productivity) the selected tissue. Don't forget the accessories: buttons or rivets and the shoulder pads. The shoulder pads choose hard, thick customize under the jacket and pitch your shoulders.
Make a pattern out of paper. Cutting the fabric: lay it on the table face up, pin the pins to it patterns, the contours of the chalk circle. Don't forget about the seam at the 1-2 cm Mark on the fabric folds. Likewise, cutting the lining. Remove all cut parts of the jacket, baste the shoulder pads and try on the jacket. Check the correct nesting of all parts. Fit the jacket on the figure, if necessary, the excess tissue to immolate pins.
Treat on the sewing edge of the fabric, grind tuck and stitch all the cut parts of the jacket. Outwrite all the seams and try again jacket. If the fabric has gone in waves, narrow or widen the undercut. Sew shoulder pads and buttons. If the model provides for pockets, sew them.
Baste all the details of the lining and try it on. Make sure that the lining of the village on the figure and then sew it. Baste the lining to the jacket. If when fitting the fabric went bad, Darts is a little narrow lining. Sew the lining to the jacket and do another fitting. Make sure that the jacket is nowhere to pull, and outwrite product.