You will need
  • - Investment strategy;
  • - good marketing;
  • - investors.
Determine what investments you will make, what market niche will involve your company. The most typical types of activities of private equity firms are dealing with stocks and bonds, but many of them also interact with commodity futures, foreign exchange and various option strategies.
Organize your company. If you the owner or the operator, it is relatively simple. You need to decide what area is best to invest and how to allocate capital in accordance with the selected directions. If you are going to start with larger operations, and hire several employees, think about the organization of the company according to departmental lines. Open the departments bonds, commodities, currencies, as well as a Department for investor Affairs and other administrative matters, each of which should be in charge of a senior officer.
Select the type of legal entity. Most investment companies are organized in the form of a mini-Corporation, a limited liability company. Also consult with your accountant about what tax status you. For example, if you form LLC then you may either be subject to appropriate taxes.
Please register in the relevant regulatory authorities. Most private investment companies shall be registered on securities and exchange, but if your company specializiruetsya on unique financial products and transactions, it is possible that you will also need to register in the Commission on commodity futures trading and the National futures Association securities.
Attract investors. They can be as individuals and companies. Follow the compliance to the preservation of private information, analyze the risks and rewards of your investment strategy.