Decide on the type of the future investment Fund. In the Russian financial system, the most widely mutual funds (mutual Funds), in which a large number of investors-shareholders entrusts their money management company. The shareholders themselves do not participate in money management, and the company, in turn, does not make a profit from the management of the assets of the Fund. She only gets a certain reward for providing the services. The amount of such remuneration is fixed in advance in the contract.
Detail of the creation of the mutual Fund is that it will not be a legal entity. This suggests that its registration is made on a contractual basis. Develop the contract. This set of rules of management of the investment Fund, which should be registered in state bodies.
Connect to the future agreement of shareholders. This can be done through application of standard applications for membership in the mutual Fund and any assets in payment of the unit.
Further, the management company makes the issuance of investment units and performs the necessary registration procedures, which complete the process of establishment of the Fund.
After creating the PIF all the Affairs of the Fund will be transferred into the hands of the management company, which performs only administrative functions.