Perhaps, for Russia the investment of the company is rather young activity. However, in other countries, the USA, Japan, Europe, investment markets are sufficiently developed that allows successful development and domestic investment business. Usually investment companies as open joint-stock companies of open type, which makes the issue (turnover) of the securities more free and leads to more successful activities.
To open an investment company to select the legal form of the future of the company, hold a General meeting of shareholders, make the minutes of the meeting, develop a package of constituent documents.
Submit a copy of the decision of the meeting notarized by the local tax authority together with the application for registration of a legal entity – investment company. On the basis of the received registration documents put the company on the account all extra-budgetary funds.
Open a Bank account.
Prepare and submit the required documents to the licensing Department of the FFMS to obtain licenses for their activities. In the case of a positive decision, the license is issued without limitation of validity (Order of the Federal service for financial markets dated 20.07.2010 No. 10-49/PZ-n "On approval of regulations on license requirements and conditions for the exercise of professional activities on the securities market").
In accordance with Federal Law No. 39-FZ "On securities market", you can get the license for dealership, brokerage, Deposit and management of securities. Receive notification of a decision about licensing your investment company; will receive an extract from the register of licenses, where the numbers of forms of licences and forms of licences themselves investment companies.
Pick up competent staff and create a state investment company.