You will need
  • - the game disc;
  • connection to the Internet.
Wait until the client for the game Fallout 3 on the network. Because at the moment it does not exist, you can play it only on your computer. To do this, purchase a license disc in the shops of your city.
Pay attention to the packaging of the disc, it must have the necessary labels with holograms, should not contain errors and typos, the game must have the exact manufacturer's logo on the box with the disc. Also on its rear side, there should be a list of manufacturers and companies that allow the sale of the software to your country. Box packing disk must be one piece without any seams, cuts and so on. The purchase and use of unlicensed software may entail some responsibility, so be careful when choosing the games.
Buy a game of Fallout 3 in an alternative way. You can order the CD through the online store, while selecting the most reliable vendor of the software that have positive reviews from other users. You can also redownload the game and after the installation to purchase a license key online using provided by the developer of means of payment.
Install the game Fallout3 on your computer by inserting the disk in the drive or by starting the installation from the hard disk by double-clicking on autorun or setup. Specify the path to the folder on your computer, which will contain the installation files computer games Fallout3, it's usually the Games directory on your local drive.
Following the instructions of the menu item, install the game on your PC and enter the license key that is written on the packaging, the booklet or the disc itself. Also you can get the key online. Then register a copy of your game and run it on your computer.