You will need
  • - Russified version of Adobe Photoshop CS5
Unfortunately, or rather fortunately, when photographing is impossible to capture hidden from the lens elements of the wardrobe that a person has the good fortune to wear during the photograph. Otherwise, in those places where the average representative of the human race has, figuratively speaking relief, you will have to be unnatural smooth and even skin. So in the beginning, make sure that you have something to fill those places in which you want to remove the clothes. The first thing that begs to mind is let it be other clothes. Or if you decided to fool around a bit and leave the character in the photo in a negligee, find the most likely sample "relief for replacement.
Now launch Photoshop and open the picture, press Ctrl+O, select the file and click Open .
The place where photos is clothing, you need to paint skin color. Select the rubber Stamp tool , configure it (brush size can be changed using the keys "[ and] ), hold Alt and click with the left mouse button on the uncovered area of skin. It will be a model for painting. Release Alt and hold the left mouse button and paint over those places which depict clothing. As you can see, paint over the area looms as the point which you indicated, holding Alt. If something does not work, use the menu "(menu item "Window > History ) to undo incorrect actions.
To save the result, press Ctrl+Shift+S, choose file path, write the name, type of file, make a Jpeg and click Save .