You will need
  • Adobe Photoshop.
Download Adobe Photoshop original image. In the menu, select File and Open.... You can also press Ctrl+O. browse to the file in the dialog that appears. Click "Open".
Select the image area with which to work. Determine the most effective way of retouching. Thus, light of short and not very densely growing hairthat is located on a flat skin (e.g., hands), can be removed, just a little blurring or smearing them. Clear hair (for example, falling badly on his forehead) is removed "treating" tools. Remove thick head of hair can only be reproducing the image of the skin (or other close to her background).
When removing blond hair with hands or feet first, create a selection around the treated area. This is necessary in order not to accidentally ruin any other parts. Use the Pen Tool or the Polygonal Lasso Tool combined with quick mask. If the skin on the corrected image is quite smooth, and the hair is quite light and thin, try to blur them with Gaussian Blur filter or the Blur tool. If in the highlight area there are good fragments of the skin, "smear" them in the direction of areas with hair. Use The Smudge Tool.
If there are large areas involved often enough growing and clearly visible hair (very short, "the machine" cut in the head), select them and copy them to a new layer. Apply to the layer a High Pass filter with this value of the Radius parameter that hair is clearly identified in the preview mode. Invert the colors by pressing Ctrl+I. Change the blend mode of the layer to Overlay. If necessary, remove unnecessary fragments of the Eraser. Merge the layers by pressing Ctrl+E.
If you need to remove hair, consider creating a collage, i.e. the transfer of a large fragment of the image of the head without hair from the other pictures. If there is any source, load it into Adobe Photoshop. Select and copy the desired fragment (for example, the entire upper part of head to forehead). Insert it into the target document and adjust the size in the free transformation (Ctrl+T). If necessary, adjust the colors using section commands the Image menu Adjustments. Tool Eraser with high transparency finish the edges for a harmonious alignment with the lower layer. Press Ctrl+E.
Tight curls, or hair, on the background of the face, eyebrows, clothes, and protruding outside the silhouette, remove the Clone Stamp tool, indicating as the source of any background. Individual strands can try to remove with the Patch Tool, selecting as "patches" close to the texture and the texture fragment.
Modify image tools Healing Brush and Spot Healing Brush, adjusting some small parts. Using Burn Tool and Dodge Tool to darken and lighten the image where necessary.
Save the result to a file. To do this, select Save As... from the File menu or press Ctrl+Shift+S.