You will need
  • - business plan;
  • - authorizing documents;
  • premises;
  • - furniture;
  • equipment;
  • technical AIDS process;
  • clients;
  • advertising;
  • - methods of studying children;
  • - individual work plan with the participant;
  • - contract with customers for the provision of tutoring activities.
Make a business plan. Like any other business, opening a tutoring center requires a careful calculation of all the necessary investments.
Be engaged in official registration of permissions to implementation of your tutoring activities. Be prepared for the fact that you have to pay income taxes. If you prefer illegal activity, sooner or later, you may incur administrative or even criminal liability for concealment of income from the state.
Rent a room for the implementation of tutoring activities. If you are going to conduct individual sessions with students, the area may be small, otherwise, its square must be calculated depending on the intended number of children.
Take care of sufficient equipping the premises with furniture and other teaching equipment: books, tables, computers, etc.
Produce a set of students. In order to attract customers, place ads on Bulletin boards, in local Newspapers, on the website on the Internet, in educational institutions (with the permission of the head of the educational institution). Through friends and acquaintances, you can also find children who need tutor through friends and acquaintances.
Make your customers a contract for the provision of the services of the tutor. If you are a legal entity, the contract specify the name and details of the company. In this case you will have to obtain a license for educational activity. If you take on the role of the individual entrepreneur, the contract need to sign on their behalf.
From direct tutoring activities, identify the most vulnerable places in the knowledge of each student. Here you can help methods testing, interview, independent work, etc. taking into account the obtained data, make the course of further work with the student, taking into account all the peculiarities of his knowledge, and the development of processes of thinking, memory, attention, etc. Pick up the necessary materials (theoretical and practical) for training, as well as effective methods and techniques of training.
Make a schedule that takes into account the workload of the child in educational institutions, as well as plan your personal schedule.