Take care of yourself. The woman should be well-groomed – men are attracted to a good figure, flawless skin, pleasant smell, beautiful hair etc. a Good manicure and pedicure, elaborate makeup, sexy clothing in which you look natural and feel comfortable - everything must be perfect. Only such a woman can begin to master the art of seduction, which is directly linked to appearance. Choosing clothes, discover the most sexy part of the body – legs, chest, neck, hands.
Monitor your speech. With your mouth should not go swear and abusive words, you don't have to be rude and harsh. Try to make his voice mysterious depth, carefully choose expressions speak correctly and properly.
Master the basic techniques of seduction. Movement of the arms, legs, head turning, "shooting" eyes – female basic techniques that help to attract the attention of men. Lightly touch your hair as if adjusting his hair, throw unruly hair behind your shoulder, lift hands up in a graceful gesture. Tilt your head, listening to the interlocutor. Learn to "twist" hips – sexy walk drives men crazy. To smile and laugh, but easy, unconstrained, and sprightly while laughing slightly throw back a head back, opening the eyes of the gentle curve of the neck.
Learn how to flirt. The basis of flirting is a promising look. Talking with a man, practice this technique: first, the abstract look at any object behind the men, and then suddenly shift your gaze, looking him straight in the eye. To demonstrate their location, you can wink and smile partner. Touch his body, casually, but at the same time making it clear to him that it pleased you. Flirting isn't just about looks and touch – frills, giving the man hope to continue the relationship, but leaving room for mystery. Should not revealed to man all at once, you have to be for him a mystery.
Copy the gestures. It is sometimes useful to mirror partner's gestures, his words and facial expressions – this method is good at the final stage of seduction when you are sure that the man wants the same thing you are.