One of the easiest ways to improve diction – the pronunciation of tongue twisters. No need to try to say a tongue Twister quickly. First, train her to do this, say slowly. Especially pay attention to difficult words and sounds. You can then proceed to the next stage. Clearly articulating lips, silently try to pronounce the tongue Twister. Can ask for help to a friend or loved one that he tried to read what you say lips. Then say the text in a whisper, the words spoken clearly and distinctly. After this exercise, say the tongue Twister already loud, but slow. Only then should you try to pronounce the text in different pace, in different styles, etc.
Record your speech on a tape recorder. For example, read any story. Turn on and listen to the recording. Do not worry if the voice will seem unfamiliar, as when recording a distorted tone of voice. Better pay attention to the speech. Is it clear are you talking about? All of the letters and words you said clearly? Mark your mistakes. For example, have you noticed that swallow the end of words or talk too fast. Taking into account these shortcomings, read the story again. Again listen to it in the record. Do this exercise until, until a final result is not satisfactory. And a few months you will notice that your speech has become clearer and clearer.
For the correct, clear speech is important in breathing. There is chest and diaphragmatic type of breathing. To determine which type is for you, place your right hand on the chest and left hand on your stomach. Slowly inhale, if it raised the left hand, the breathing diaphragmatic. Usually such people, talking loud, quite clear. If raised right hand, the breath of the chest. It can be off during a call, that speech may be distorted. To avoid this, you should train the diaphragm. For example, you can perform an exercise of "Solfeggio". Try to sing a note, hold it at the same time as long as there is short of breath. If you do this exercise daily, you will soon develop the diaphragm. It is also useful before the conversation, take a few deep breaths. This will help to set the vocal apparatus, as well as to remove tension.