Advice 1: How to train it

Today it is quite difficult to find a man endowed with excellent diction and speech. A few of them possess pleasant voice and ability to pronounce words clearly and legibly, but they do not use their voice and a variety of tools enhance the impact on the audience. Do not despair, because you can develop it quite easily. The main condition – it is a constant practice.
How to train it
You should start with a warm up, and in our case - with an introductory exercise. So find an empty room in which nothing will interfere with or embarrass you. Each exercise is for 5-10 minutes.
Training of the exhalation. Take the following position: feet on width of shoulders, hands on waist. By typing in your lungs sufficient air, take a slow breath, and lips should be tight squeeze, but leave a small opening so that you have felt air resistance. In the process you can discuss different poems. Also, this exercise can be performed in conjunction with sit-UPS, Jogging or simply walking.
Training breath. Leaning forward, inhale (the back must be kept as straight as possible), then returning to the starting position, slowly exhale the air and pull the sound of "GIM-m-m-m". After this exercise, you need to perform one more thing: closing the mouth, inhale through the nose maximizes the nostrils, and exhale - press the forefinger.
Training of the tongue and lips. For training of the upper lip, alternately pronounce the following sounds "GL", "VN", "VL", and for the bottom – "BZ", "GZ", "BZ". Try to give your language shape shovel, and then laid him on the lower lip, say "And", "uh".
After completing all the above exercises, you can proceed to the development of diction. The following exercises are aimed at elimination of a variety of errors in the pronunciation of words.
Tilt your head back and chin hold in a certain position, then say "MAY", "WI", "BAY", and so on. The sound "Th" should return the head to its original position.
Throwing his head back a little to "rinse" your mouth with air, pronouncing the sound "M", but try not to push the lower jaw. Try to yawn with your mouth closed.
Standing straight, slowly exhale the air from your lungs and say "SSSSS...", "SHHHH...", "RRRR...", "RIRIRI...", "ZHZHZHZH...". Hold his nose and read the text, which is quite a lot of letters "N" and "M".

Advice 2: How to train diction

Unfortunately, to date, to find someone with impeccable diction is not so simple. Everyday speech requires good articulation and clear pronunciation of sounds and syllables. As a result, the lubricated sounds, word endings are not pronounced, the syllables are articulated poorly. In fact, to achieve a correct and clear pronunciation is not so difficult. How to train diction?
How to train diction
You will need
  • tube;
  • - walnuts
Select the facility for training. It is desirable that it had good acoustics. Give each exercise 7-10 minutes a day.
Train your breath. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and hands on hips. Combine lips a tubule. Slowly breathe out through the resulting hole so that to feel the air resistance. Do this exercise in combination with exercise - Jogging, walking, bending. Ensure that the exhalation is not interrupted by changing the position of the body.Slowly inhale at the same time leaning forward. Keep your back straight. Exhale, straightening himself back. Pull on the exhale the sound "Ki-m-m-m...", combining it with walking. Repeat the forward bend, inhale. Keep hands behind head, standing up, pull the sound "GN-n-n-n..", combining them with walking. Take a short breath in through your nose, expanding nostrils. On the exhale, tap your fingers on the wings of the nose.
Train your tongue and lips. To do this, slowly , alternately pronounce the sounds "KS", "GL", "GB", "VL", "VZ", "BH", "BL" and "tn". Relax the muscles of the tongue, place it on the lower lip and several times repeat the sounds "uh" and "and". Curve language, and touching the upper palate, say "y" and "o".Take the tube and clamp it between the front teeth. Ensure that the tube does not touch the tongue. Slightly open mouth, exposing teeth. Begin to pronounce the sounds "K", "m", "g", "g", "n", "y", "n", "d", "l", "d", "eh". Go to the pronunciation of syllables combining consonants with vowels - "reptile", "gonorrhea", "guna", etc. Start training first the individual words and then phrases.
Use the old "acting" technique workout diction - take in your mouth the walnuts and say a few tongue twisters. To say they must together, at a good pace, frequently repeating certain words and phrases.
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