First, you must start with the introductory exercises. For training, find a spacious room below nothing could stop you. For the execution of each exercise is recommended to spend 5 to 10 minutes.
Training of the exhalation. Spread your feet at shoulder width, hands should be at waist. Make a slow exhale through a small hole in a tightly compressed lips, what would you have felt air resistance. Thus it is necessary to pronounce any quatrain. You can also perform this exercise in combination with walking, squats, Jogging and so on.
Training breath. Lean forward and breathe (back straight), then, straightening himself in, slowly exhale the air and pull the sounds "GIM-m-m-". After this exercise, you must perform one more thing: when the mouth is closed, inhale with your nose, expanding nostrils, and when you exhale dry by patting them with your index fingers.
Training of the tongue and lips. To train your upper lip, say "LR", "GL", "EXT" and for the bottom – "BZ", "GZ", "BZ". Giving relaxed language in the form of a shovel, put it on your lower lip and say "uh", "And".
After you perform the above exercises, you can go to practice diction. These exercises are intended to correct errors in the pronunciation of words.
Say "BYE", "MAY", "WAI", etc. thus it is necessary to hold the chin in a certain position, and the head should be thrown back. On the vowel "Y" return the head in a natural position.
Slightly tilt your head back and gargle the throat with air, uttering the sound "M", but in any case do not push the lower jaw. Try to yawn with your mouth closed.
With the direct position of the body and slowly exhale, and say "SSSSSSS...", "SSSSSSS...", "RRRRRR...", "ZZZZZZTT...", "RRR...". Holding his nose, read the text, which is dominated by the letters "M" or "N".