Furnace for melting metal at home has developed a scientific Metallurgist E. Y. Khomutov. Based ovens take an ordinary heat-resistant steel long 300 mm.
Both ends of the pipe make two holes later to attach the nichrome filament. Nichrome filament is a heating element, it is necessary to attach together with a piece of cord that will prevent the turns of wire when winding.
Using the formula L=RxS calculate the length of the filament where the resistance heating element of the heating –R, S — cross section of wire (nichrome); the resistivity of nichrome –R and equal to 1.2; the required length L.
The wire with the cord wind in a spiral and brush all over with liquid glass. Then, the handler will remove the spiral wrap of asbestos.
Make the sensor temperature. Take chromalloy and lumelevel wire, twist them with each other. To one end of the strand attach the wire coming from the transformer (Latr). The regulator transformer, check for zero division.
Take the dielectric surface and sprinkle graphite powder and borax (ratio 5/1).The other wire from the transformer connect to the soldering. It is indicated in the figure.
To the left is a temperature sensor. 1). transformer (Latr), 2).the clip first contact, 3). later from the second contact, and 4.5). chromaluna and aluminia wire, 6). Cup of substance that poorly conducts current, 7). the composition (mixture) of borax and graphite, 8). twisting the two wires (soldered).
For a few seconds apply the current. At the point of contact needs to receive the ball of the melt. The working part of the thermocouple hook up to the furnace cover and connect a millivolt, which is designed for 500 millivolts.
Scale traduirait again, the reference point can serve as the melting point of different metals. Conduct this transaction in the ready oven. The upper furnace lid and bottom are made of clay (chamotte). The stove can be supplemented with a viewing window made of special glass.
1) asbestos insulation 2). pipe made of clay, 3). a spiral nichrome, 4). cover (upper), 5). the output of nichrome thread (wire),6). thermocouple, 7). millivoltmeter, 8).If the charge be downloaded directly to the furnace, not in crucibles, the inner part of the furnace cover of the graphite paste. Pasta mix on liquid glass.When working with a stove, observe safety precautions.