Before you write the application in Prosecutor's office need to learn some important points:

- like any authority, the Prosecutor's office does not work with anonymous letters

- any prosecutorial intervention must be justified

the Prosecutor's actions always entail significant consequences
The Prosecutor shall be made in written form indicating the name, in fact, the Prosecutor's office and indication of applicant.
The content of the statement must be consistent and logical explanation of the circumstances which caused the treatment. Unlike the claim in this letter to specify the provisions of the laws or regulations is not required. On the contrary, if your appeal is accepted for consideration, in response to the letter, the Prosecutor will be obliged to refer to the regulatory framework.
In pleading part which is recommended to allocate a separate paragraph, you need to specify your requirements about this wording: "Please investigate and take measures of public Prosecutor's reaction on the facts..." Statement must be signed and date stamped.