Decide first thing in baking dish. It should be a special utensil for microwave ovens. Choose dishes with high sides as the batter in the microwave it rises better than in the oven. For this reason, only fill the form half. To start, try to use a form with a hole in the center, since it is difficult to determine whether evenly cooked cake. It's also handy to use a glass dish. It is easier to assess the degree of readiness of dishes. Do not cover the form with a lid.
Bake preferable one porous layer, if you cook the cake or cakes, and then cut it into 2 – 4 layers. The bottom of the form grease or lay it with baking paper. Sprinkle the bowl with flour is not necessary.
Make some changes to the cooking technique, if you chose a recipe for a conventional oven. Mix the ingredients carefully, especially for the dough. It is desirable that all the products were at room temperature. The sugar in the dough needs to dissolve completely, otherwise the process of roasting it can burn. Increase the amount of liquid in the dough in the following ratio: 1 tbsp. spoon in 1 egg.
Place the mold in the center of the rotating stand. If you bake buns, rolls or pies, place them in a circle at the same distance from each other. Tarts, the product of a dense dough bake at of microwave power of 400 – 500 watts. The oven door can be opened at any time without fear that the dough will fall off. The cooking time will decrease to 2 – 3 times compared to traditional baking.
When determining the cooked meals do not look at his appearance. Pierce a product a wooden stick. It should be dry. Note that the process is done ongoing for some time even after you pull the form out of the microwave. So get the dish out of the oven, even if the middle seems a little buggy. Leave the cakes in the form of 5 – 20 minutes to cool at room temperature. If you overdo the dish in the oven, the dough will become dry and hard.