You will need
    • microwave;
    • — dishes for baking in a microwave oven;
    • — dough.
Prepare dishes for baking. For cooking in a microwave oven is forbidden to use metal. Therefore, purchase the special shapes of glass, ceramics. Keep in mind that utensils should be made of heat resistant material, as dough because of the sugar content and fat is very hot under the influence of microwaves. In addition, choose the dishes with high sides, because the dough in a microwave oven rises better than in the oven.
Strictly observe the proportions of products used for test preparation. Leave the food on the kitchen table for 10-15 minutes, if in the recipe there are no other specific instructions. It is desirable to mix the ingredients the same temperature.
Mix all the ingredients for the dough carefully. First of all it concerns sugar. Undissolved lumps of sugar may burn during baking. Make sure the dough was smooth and uniform. If you prepare the dish according to the recipe for a conventional oven, it will increase the amount of liquid in the dough, especially if you use the dry cake mix.
Grease a baking dish with vegetable or butter. On the bottom you can lay a sheet of oiled paper. Sprinkle with the vessel wall crumbs or flour should not be. Do not complete the test by more than half. Cake with moist filling and pierce in several places with a fork so that steam could get out. If you are batch baking, the test pieces should be of equal size for uniform done. Large items put in the center of the plate, and a small place on the edge. Cover the form with parchment paper or film is only to speed up the cooking process in the case if the batter has a thick consistency.
Choose your power level depending on the composition of the dough and shape the future of food. Cakes with fruit, berry filling, cakes bake at a power below the average. For cupcakes, gingerbread will exhibit a low power level. Dense dough products with filling bake at average and above average power.
Count baking dishes depending on product weight. Open the door to the microwave at any stage of cooking, the dough will not fall off. Pierce a product a wooden stick. If it's cooked, it will remain clean. The ruddy crust on baking in the microwave is not formed. Keep in mind that the process is done continued for some time after exposure to microwaves. Therefore, if the edge of the product is ready, but the middle is still seems raw, then turn off the oven and leave the cakes in the shape for another 5-15 minutes.