You will need
  • calculator.
Remember that the angular acceleration is a time derivative taken from the vector of the angular velocity (or ω). It also means that the angular acceleration is a second derivative taken at the time t of the rotation angle. The angular acceleration can be written in the following form: →β= d →ω / dt. Thus, find the average angular acceleration from the ratio of the increment of the angular velocity to the increment of time motion: Ms. β = Δω/Δt.
Find the average angular velocity in order to calculate the angular acceleration. Suppose that the rotation of the body around the real axis is described by the equation φ=f(t), and φ is the angle at a particular time t. Then after a certain period of time Δt from the time t the angle change will be Δφ. Angular velocity is the ratio of Δφ and Δt. Determine the angular velocity.
Find the average angular acceleration according to the following formula. β = Δω/Δt. That is, the change of angular velocity Δω divide using a calculator on a known interval of time over which the movement occurred. Quotient of the division is the desired value. Record the value found, expressing it in rad/s.
Please note, if the problem is to find the acceleration of points of a rotating body. The speed of movement of any point of the body is equal to the product of angular velocity and distance from the point to the axis of rotation. In this case the acceleration of a given point consists of two components: tangent and normal. Tangent direction in a straight line with a velocity with a positive acceleration, and with opposite direction with a negative acceleration. Let the distance from the point to the axis of rotation is denoted As R. the angular velocity ω is found by the formula: ω=Δv/Δt, where v is the linear velocity of a body. To find the angular acceleration, divide the angular velocity by the distance between the point and the axis of rotation.