You will need
  • liquid Gur screwdriver clean container
Install the vehicle on a level surface and tighten the hand brake. Siphon fluid from Gur. To do this, locate the reservoir for the working fluid under the hood. Loosen the return hose clamp and disconnect it, dropping in a clean container with a volume of approximately 1 l Close the hole in the tank. Place the container in the engine compartment, secured away from moving parts and heat sources. Start the engine and watch the fluid pumped out of system Hur. In order to push it twice to turn the steering wheel fully to the left and right. Once fluid stops flowing, immediately turn the engine off. Connect the return pipe in place.
Carefully inspect the drained fluid: if it is clean, washing is not required, if it is muddy and polluted, then Gur must be rinsed. In any case, again fill Gur fluid. To do this, fill the tank through the cover to the top mark. Then with the engine off, slowly turn the wheel from lock to lock. If the fluid level drops, fill it again and repeat this process until until the liquid level will not cease to fall.
Start the engine and again rotate the wheel. Repeat until and while the motor the fluid level will not cease to decrease. If there are noises, the air of it is not completely pumped out. To test this, install with the engine in the wheel position "forward". After turning off the liquid must rise in the reservoir. In this case, continue pumping.
To rinse Gur, repeat this procedure two more times, having to drain the liquid after pumping had normal color and consistency. Along the way, check the pipes and connections for leaks. After work, add fluid up to the upper line of the tank.