The power steering is used to improve the control actions performed by man while driving a car. Working fluid to the power steering oil is located in a special tank. From the reservoir the oil flows through the tubes into the working cavity transfer pump and returns to the tank after a cycle. Check oil in the steering is to control its quality and quantity. This operation does not require the assistance of professionals and can be performed by owner's own hands.

Quality control oil

To control the quality of oil is necessary to open the reservoir cap located in its upper part. Check the quality of oil you must perform the start operation of the vehicle in order to detect the change of its color and consistency compared to the normal condition. The oil in the tank must be uniform and contain no sediment or foreign matter. The visual mismatch of the liquid its normal condition or there is a smell of burning oil must be replaced.

Check the amount of oil

According to the amount of oil the nominal value is checked for its level. Nominal level is specified range from minimum to maximum. The liquid level is measured using a special measuring probe or scale divisions marked on one of the walls of the tank. When measuring with a feeler gauge before measuring its surface it is recommended to wipe with a rag.

Tanks are plastic and metal. Plastic tanks are translucent and allow you to monitor the oil level without removing the cover. The opening of such a tank is necessary for quality control of liquid. Probe equipped with metal tanks, the advantages of which is high strength and durability. After the scan is finished the tank should be tightly closed with a lid.

If the oil level is below the acceptable level, the fluid should be topped up to the required value. A significant reduction in the oil level at regular periodic checks indicates that the tightness of the tank. In this case, it is recommended to replace the tank.

Check condition of oil

To properly check oil level the car must be installed on a level surface. Check should be made with cold engine to the oil temperature was not at the time of measurement above 50°C.