You will need
  • - 2 durutovic hose (1 m), which is equal to the inverse hoses and straight fuel injection diameter;
  • - capacity (plastic, 3-5 l);
  • - 2 clamps on the hoses;
  • the syringe/vacuum pump.
In order to remove air from INVD, must, first, connect the hoses back and direct fuel injection. Then install the pre-cooked durotoye hoses. Complete capacity, using diesel fuel.
Secure the hoses with clamps on the nipples, then lower the hose direct feed the free end into the tank, and don't forget to take steps to hose in any case not jumped out of the tank.
Now it is necessary to place the container on a level above the fuel pump. On the washed from all kinds of impurities of the fuel pump, Unscrew the bolt in the fitting of reverse flow and for the pipe to suck the air until you go fuel.
Then fasten the removed bolt. Then run the engine for five minutes to ensure that the air has been removed completely. Spend suction, using a vacuum pump, a syringe or any other available method.
In order to expel the air, resorting to another method, you must put the plastic container with diesel fuel at a level higher than the fuel pump.
Remove the fuel pump hose direct injection of fuel, then drain the fuel in the same manner as in the case of transfusion from one container to another, liquid.
Install the hose back to the time when the flow of diesel fuel will be confident jet, then do not forget to tighten the new clamp.
Will advertice bolt the hose back flow. As a result, the air through the opened fitting to retire yourself due to the effect of the siphon effect. Next five minutes, start the diesel, the air is completely removed from the injection pump. After half an hour realize re-run at the same time.
In order to eliminate air leak in the future it is necessary to check, so sealed fuel hose, as well as the reliability of tightening clamps. Don't forget to check the seal of the fuel filter, the condition of the fuel tube, as well as sealing the mechanical or hand primer pump, the axis of the control lever, and how a hermetic seal of the drive shaft.
If you have identified a possible air leak, be sure to replace defective parts.