Find out the reasons of absence of the employee. If the offender discipline does not agree with the fact of dismissal, article "absenteeism", it may apply to the Commission for settlement of labor disputes. In cases where the case comes to court, the importance of the causes of truancy is a very strong argument in resolving the dispute. If the court finds the reasons of absence of the employee in the workplace respectfully, the employer will be obliged not only to restore dismissed in office, but to pay him the so-called "forced absence" - working days, calculated from the date of dismissal until the day of reinstatement.
In the case of a decision on termination of the employment contract with the employee prepare a set of documents for dismissal in the article "truancy":- an act of violation of employee labor discipline and the act of its rejection of the signature (if necessary);
- explanatory note by the employee commits absenteeism, failing that, the act of refusal to provide explanations;
- Memorandum of the immediate supervisor truant to the head of the entire organization to commit a violation of labor discipline with a detailed description of the incident;
- the order on application of disciplinary action to the employee commits absenteeism;
- order of dismissal under the relevant article.
Make a record about termination of the employment contract in a personal matter, a personal card T2 of a worker in a personal account. In the workbook, create the record "Fired for absenteeism, subparagraph "a" paragraph 6, part 1, article 81 of the Labour Code of the Russian Federation". Specify the number and date of order of dismissal.
Invite the employee into the service of the staff, the personnel Department or directly to the Director of the organization to review the text of the orders on the application of penalties and termination of the employment relationship. Failure of the employee to sign make it act in a free form.
Prominence in the hands of the dismissed employee's work record.