You will need
  • - business plan;
  • planning and building permits;
  • equipment;
  • products;
  • - staff.
Make a business plan. Do not think that Shawarma is not a full-fledged catering and can be run without preliminary calculations. Together into a single document all expenses necessary for the start of sales; variable and fixed expenses; estimated profit. Based on these data, you can determine the profitability of a future project.
Also, the business plan describe a "photo" of the day. In other words, sort out the production process starting from the arrival of workers and launching of technological equipment. Subsequently, this will greatly facilitate personnel training.
Consider and include in the business plan loyalty program, designed to attract regular customers. Remember that anything with such force doesn't bind them to a point as a quality product and the benefit, expressed, for example, in the cumulative discounts.
Select the location where you will place your kiosk. As an option – rent a fixed space. Having determined the main problems, proceed to the equipment. First, consider technological process and sagacitas a lining of engineering communications. Then buy the equipment. In some cases it can be purchased in leasing. After the preparatory stage, invite the Supervisory authorities for obtaining permits.
Consider the range. Decide what types of meat you intend to sell it, what will be included in them where to buy all this. If you have one point, is a relatively small number of products suppliers are reluctant to carry, so select your nearest wholesale market, go there, study their offers and prices. When outlets for the sale of meat, once opened, you can think about a centralized supply.
Single word menu. In addition to the main product you can offer to potential buyers, salads, and hot and cold drinks. It is more logical to enter in the menu, beer, water, carbonated and non-carbonated, tomato and fruit juice, broth, tea, coffee. Salads should be as easy to manufacture and have low cost.