The law on the payment of allowances, confirmed by the decree of the Presidium of the all, is the basis for calculating the hospital. Moreover, paid sick leave only for the sick-list or its duplicate. The allowance may also be paid and if the employee was in quarantine, passed sanatorium treatment or caring for a sick relative.

On the calculation of a hospital is influenced by the following factors:

* The duration of illness, and thus the duration of payment.
* The seniority of an employee.
* The amount of earnings of an employee.
* Established framework, which should be based on the amount of the payment.

But you need to remember that individual entrepreneurs and organizations who use the so-called special tax regime, payable at another hospital system.

In the case when everything is standard, your payout can be calculated by the algorithm.
How to pay hospital
To determine the duration of payments, that is to look at the start and end dates of the illness, which the doctor specifies in the certificate. But if an employee is ill during the period of unpaid leave, the payment is only for the days that he was sick outside of the home. If treatment was performed during holidays at the expense of FSS, sick leave is not paid. If the treatment lasts longer holiday, they are paid for only those days that are not holidays. If the employee is caring for a child younger than 14 years more than 14 days, then pay only 14 days. If the employee cared for an adult relative for more than three days, then pay only 3 days, rarely, this period may be extended up to a week.
How to pay hospital
To determine the actual earnings. Include all types of salary on which tax will be added to FSS, whether part-time or part-time. Calculated average daily earnings and is multiplied by the number of working days.
How to pay hospital
3. Takes into account seniority. If the employee worked less than 5 years, then he gets 60 % of normal earnings if he worked from 5 to 8 years is charged 80%, but if more than 8 years - then 100%.
4. Account limit benefits. No more than 11700, not less than 450 rubles per month.

How to pay hospital