Buy only fresh plants. Sometimes sellers to quickly get rid of the dying flowers, pre-wrapped bouquet so that the roses are even difficult to see in bright cellophane. Buy flowers in big store, carefully select roses and ask you to make a bouquet.
Flowers die quickly from lack of nutrition that starts if their vessels were clogged by air bubbles. To avoid this, bringing rose home, dip the tips in water and gently cut. After that, the flowers from the water cannot be removed. If it does, re-cut under water all the plants.
Roses wilt quickly due to the fact that the water rapidly developing bacteria. To keep the water fresh, add 2 tablets of activated charcoal, put silver ware or add a bit of salt (1 teaspoon to about a liter of water).
Observe the temperature regime, suitable for plants. Remember how cool and fresh is in a flower shop. The ideal temperature to store roses is 5 degrees, so if the holiday is only a few days, the roses can even be stored in a household refrigerator. Brought from the street of roses is better to put in a cold place.
Feed rosesdelivered in a vase. Typically, this use 1 teaspoon of sugar a day, but you can use special industrial additives, allowing longer support the life of the flower. These include, for example, "Grisel", "Mutant, "Vitant" and some others. They can help to save the life of rose up to 20-25 days.
To herbs for a bouquet longer had a beautiful view, spray it from a spray bottle. Remove from the water all the little superfluous leaves and twigs, otherwise the water will quickly lose freshness. You can also add a little citric acid.