Advice 1: How to preserve roses

It is always a shame and sad to see how beauty roses, given to a loved one or decorating a holiday, sadly fade after a few hours. Although the life of cut flowers is short, it is possible to try to extend with a few simple steps.
How to preserve roses
Buy only fresh plants. Sometimes sellers to quickly get rid of the dying flowers, pre-wrapped bouquet so that the roses are even difficult to see in bright cellophane. Buy flowers in big store, carefully select roses and ask you to make a bouquet.
Flowers die quickly from lack of nutrition that starts if their vessels were clogged by air bubbles. To avoid this, bringing rose home, dip the tips in water and gently cut. After that, the flowers from the water cannot be removed. If it does, re-cut under water all the plants.
Roses wilt quickly due to the fact that the water rapidly developing bacteria. To keep the water fresh, add 2 tablets of activated charcoal, put silver ware or add a bit of salt (1 teaspoon to about a liter of water).
Observe the temperature regime, suitable for plants. Remember how cool and fresh is in a flower shop. The ideal temperature to store roses is 5 degrees, so if the holiday is only a few days, the roses can even be stored in a household refrigerator. Brought from the street of roses is better to put in a cold place.
Feed rosesdelivered in a vase. Typically, this use 1 teaspoon of sugar a day, but you can use special industrial additives, allowing longer support the life of the flower. These include, for example, "Grisel", "Mutant, "Vitant" and some others. They can help to save the life of rose up to 20-25 days.
To herbs for a bouquet longer had a beautiful view, spray it from a spray bottle. Remove from the water all the little superfluous leaves and twigs, otherwise the water will quickly lose freshness. You can also add a little citric acid.

Advice 2: Why do roses wilt quickly

Rose is a beautiful and fragile flower with a delicate aroma. However, some women don't like roses due to the fact that these flowers quickly wither and lose their appeal. However, with proper care, fresh rose can stand in the vase at least 7-10 days.
Roses delivered in a vase, quickly wither. Sometimes they lose their beauty for two or three days, even if you change the water in the vase. The reasons for this can be many. First, improper care, bad tap water, etc. second, the colors can be stale. As you know, the largest supplier of flowers in Russia is the Netherlands. It is therefore not surprising that the flowers after the long transport, stunted and lethargic. Roses that are brought to us from Holland, and sometimes go on sale until a month after cutting.

How to care for roses

If you want to presented a bouquet of roses makes you happy for at least a week, then it will require daily care.

Seven rules, by observing which flowers in the vase wilt one to two weeks:
1. Before you put the roses in a vase, cut off the lower leaves. If the leaves are constantly in contact with water, in the water there are bacteria.
2. The stems need to be cut at an angle. Then the cut surface will be larger, and so the flowers will absorb more water. To produce a crop of better stems under running water.
3. The water should be clean. Chlorinated tap water is very quickly ruining these delicate flowers like roses. It is better to use filtered water.
4. To water there is bacteria, it is recommended to dissolve a tablet of aspirin. Acid suppresses the reproduction of microorganisms.
5. Flowers need nutrients. Add the water, 20 grams of sugar.
6. Change water in vase every day.
7. The flower vase should be placed in a cool place (optimum temperature +18...+22 °C). Direct sunlight is not recommended for roses. Also roses wilt from drafts.

What if roses wilt in one day?

If you cut the roses begin to fade, you can revive it by putting in a tub or basin with cold water for a few hours. Try to put the roses in water so that the water was only stems and leaves, and the buds remained on the surface. Buds long water treatments only hurt.

You can also put a bouquet in a bath of cold water overnight. But since tap water contains chlorine and many other impurities, then into the bath it is desirable to put 10 tablets of activated charcoal. And in the morning rose pruning and again to put in a vase. Sometimes such manipulations help to extend the life of roses for up to two weeks. But if roses were originally stale, then the above actions is unlikely to help them to revive.

Advice 3: How to keep roses for a long time

The life of cut roses is rather short, and reasons to that are numerous: blockage of flowers air bubbles, dehydration plants and reducing sugar in the tissues of the flower. After a few days the flowers begin to fade, losing its beauty. In order to keep the flowers fresh for long time to please you with its aroma, it is necessary to observe a few simple rules that will help to protect the Queen of flowers - rose.
How to keep roses for a long time
Buying roses on their own on the market, pay special attention to the degree of expansion of buds. If you want in this case to preserve the flowers for a long time, that they please your eyes with their presence and beauty, then the rose buds must be open, but well developed. Once you brought home the roses, inspect them carefully, but do not rush to put them right in the water. Wet a clean kitchen towel or any cloth cut in a fairly cool water and place in a dark, cool place. Many flower sellers are advised to put the roses in the refrigerator at 5 degrees, where for three hours they need to get used to his new "life".
Prepare the vase that will stand the bouquet. Her need to wash and fill the already-settled water. Add tablet of activated charcoal, aspirin, and a small amount of sugar. Aspirin is quite well tolerated flowers, and coal will help to disinfect the water. Sugar will serve as an excellent nourishment for plants.
Before you put the roses in a vase with water, you should prepare the flowers. To do this, take the roses and put the stems under a stream of cool water. Make a slanting cut with a sharp razor (in any case, not scissors) in the water, it is necessary to tubule is not clogged air tubes, and drank water. The stems in the lower part, smash a bit with a hammer.
Without removing the flowers from the water, cut the thorns and leaves in the lower parts of the flowers, so they do not touch the water. Thus, the water in the vase will not rot. Can add a special preservative that can be purchased at almost any flower shop. Now you can safely put a bouquet of roses in a vase.
At night you can put flowers in the tub with cool water, before it refresh slicers with blades. This bath helps to revive the flowers, and then in the morning they will look like they just took a shortcut.
Regularly check the bouquet, if necessary, add some fresh pooled water (but not tap, as it contains air bubbles). Daily change the water in a vase as tainted water leads to a rapid withering of roses. Do not place the composition in close proximity to heating devices and direct sunlight. And spraying the bouquet of roses will help to preserve its freshness and aroma.
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