The main signs in the leaves of the shortage of supply of roses:

  • The light green color and yellowing leaves, small leaves - an indicator of insufficient amounts of nitrogen.
  • Dark green leaves, with bluish tints, the appearance of red-purple tones in the leaves - not enough phosphorus.
  • The leaves curl downward at the edges, there is wrinkling, yellowing, then Browning and death of leaf edges of the plate - a little of potassium.
  • The leaves are pale green, but not die - a lack of sulfur.
  • Changing green leaves into yellow, red, purple at the edges and between the veins - not enough magnesium.
  • Twisting, shattering, marbling, and whitish leaves, dieback of flower buds - a lack of calcium.
  • The appearance of pale and yellowish uniform color between leaf veins without dying tissues - the plant is not getting in abundance of iron.
  • The plants do not bloom, die color of the buds fall off ovaries - very little forest.
  • The tips of the leaves are bright and evident chlorosis - lack of copper.

To pink beauty was fine and gave rich flowering, it is necessary to alternate feeding with organic and mineral fertilizers, the latter must be the minerals. During the summer season will benefit liquid mineral foliar fertilizing with microelements.