The correct way is to buy saplings in flower nurseries, but it is not always convenient, which is why many growers buy seedlings in specialized stores. Now the shops are full of imported roses, which feature is that their stems are covered with a protective layer of wax. On the one hand is a convenient way of storing planting material before planting in the ground: the stalk does not dry out and remain viable. On the other hand, this protection hides the stem, because of the wax layer is difficult to determine its quality, especially in basal part. Unscrupulous sellers sometimes try to conceal the obvious defects of the stem, and sometimes even mold, which can be a pathogen of roses.
Experienced growers use two methods for removing wax from the stems. One gentle: the wax is removed without the use of additional funds. When planting material is in a conservative storage conditions, the roots of the seedling, removing it from the packaging, abundantly and regularly moisturize. The roots begin to rapidly absorb moisture, the stems are not dry, and wax that covers them, begins to spontaneously crack and fall away.
If this does not occur or wax is not completely removed, it is possible to apply a different method of removal. Pointed peg should catch the edge of the wax shell at the root, lifting the film to promote the peg along the stem. Falling pieces of wax to remove. The work requires attention and care. It is impossible to prevent damage to the stem, but this way gives a guarantee that the seedling roses successfully take root.
The method described cannot remove the wax from the roses where already awake kidney, so to remove the coating only in the early spring and the roses that wintered in the cellar or the fridge. Keep warm this planting material before processing is not necessary.
European roses is rarely covered in a dense layer of wax. therefore, growers sometimes try not to shoot but to melt. The heating elements cannot be used, but the power of the sun is even useful. Enough to leave pre-soaked in water the seedling in direct sunlight and spray it with warm water every half hour. The wax will quickly soften. To go with the stem he will not be able, but will lag behind the roses is very easy: simply remove the soft film and rinse the roots with water.
To remove wax you need, contrary to the inclinations. If the wax is not removed, the seedling will die by far, of any biological properties of the material of the protective layer, the speech can not go.