Alcohol-rectified – it's just ethyl alcohol, which is separated from impurities using special equipment. However, the alcohol 91, which is 17%, but in home conditions, the alcohol of this strength to very difficult. To separate alcohol and water, it is necessary to get rid of them under the influence of high temperature through a special device.
Use special devices for separating alcohol from water. Created a lot of different machines, they differ in the structures of assemblies, parts, devices for purification of alcohol and increase its concentration. Apparatus constructed on the principle of condensing of the clip cameras, including a flash vessel and the distillation column. Capacity filled with liquid, which heats up and evaporates. The heated liquid rises to the top in the form of a pair of cameras, where the condensation water that drains back into the tank. The alcohol in the vapor state enters the top chamber, cools down and drops to appear on the output in spiropent. When alcohol becomes smaller, and begins to climb the water, as she needs more time to boil and transition to a gaseous state. The resulting alcohol is needed to overtake again, then he can be greater strength.
To check the quality of the alcohol, pour it in a glass jar and watch its color and transparency, to check the strength of alcohol use a special device alcoholometer.
At home you can just heat the mixture. The fact that the boiling point of these fluids is different, so the alcohol will boil already at 78 degrees, and the water is only at 100. Therefore, alcohol will quickly evaporate, leaving only water. However, it is clear that to collect a couple of alcohol will be impossible. That way you only clean water.