You will need
  • - installation disk.
To start, make sure that the devices installed in your computer can run 64-bit operating system. For this study the specifications of motherboard and CPU. In that case, if you do not have available the instructions for the aforementioned devices, visit the official sites of their manufacturers.
Now proceed to install the new operating system. It is new, because the developers of the OS Windows is not provided for a smooth transition from 32-bit to 64-bit. Save all important files located on the system partition of the disk.
Install Windows installation disc Seven into your DVD drive and restart the computer. Press the F8 key. The display shows a list of devices with which it is possible to continue loading of the computer. Select DVD drive and press Enter.
In the first window of the setup menu, select language. You can choose English, because it does not affect the language of the operating system. In the next window, select the desired version of the OS. In this case it will be Windows 7 ... x64. In that case, if you select x86, it will be installed 32-bit version operating system.
In the next window click "Install". Select the hard disk partition where you want to install the new 64-bit operating system.
If this section does not – create it. To do this, click "drive options". Select the local disk you want to partition and click "Delete". Now click "Create" and enter the size of the future drive. Repeat this operation to create a second partition.
Select local disk and click "Install". During the installation process the computer will restart two times. Pay attention to the fact that programs designed for 32-bit operating system will now be installed in the folder Program Files x86.