Ultimate (Maximum)

The most expensive is Windows Ultimate (Maximum). In this version there are all the elements and twists that have ever been invented by Microsoft for Windows 7. Not all of them you need because a normal user does not use the possibilities of the advanced desktop, the download with HVD, managing network loads. Of course, if you are a professional and want to manage all modes, you can install this version. The cost of Windows Ultimate (Maximum), approximately 11 500 rubles.
A large number of improvements in Ultimate implies the existence of a powerful stuffing your computing device. When installing the system, ensure sufficient power of the computer, otherwise the OS can "hang".

Professional (Professional)

Windows 7 Professional is not much different from Ultimate. The main difference is to disable the management functions of the computer in professional mode. As in Ultimate available to work with DVDs, it is possible to enable Aero on the desktop. Available: the create a restore point and backup through the network.
To select the version Professional costs only in the case that solutions to your problems need a serious Windows functions. If you are a gambling addict you should also think about this version.

A good surprise for gamers will be a message stating that games with Windows XP in this version is also launched. Version available in a 64-bit version. The system cost about 8 500 roubles.

Home Premium (Home premium)

Home Premium - this version is more pared down than Professional. The latest version in a series of Windows 7 that has 64-bit model. A distinctive feature is the presence of Windows media center with full functionality, support for multiple monitors, support for tablet PCs, Aero function is available. The cost of 5000 rubles.

Starter (Initial) and Home Premium (Home basic)

These versions have the smallest number of features, but are the fastest in the health. Disabled features: work with DVDs, Aero function, no notes and such.
The weak version is good for office work, they can provide a reliable and fast working staff.

Working through a network is limited, available to only the minimum data sharing, multi-monitor support is not available, disable the ability to change the screen saver home screen. The cost from 1 500 to 3 000.