Getting to the Boxing file,s in the archive, make sure you have WinRAR application. Choosing files for archiving, remember that it is best to compress the filein text format. Video, music and images only slightly reduced in size. To set the maximum amount of compression in the archiver window, make active the "General"tab.
In the "archive Format" box, find "compression Method". With the help of the drop-down list set to "Maximum" by clicking on it with the left mouse button, and click OK. The files will be Packed into the archive with the selected compression settings.
As needed you can access the settings, compression settings, and set your own values. To do this in the archiver window, make active the "Advanced" tab and click on the "compression Settings" under "Options NTFS".
Opens a new dialog where you can assign appropriate values for the compression of text, audio and full-color graphics, choose the primary compression algorithm, and so on. If you are not sure that everything is configured correctly, simply click on the "default" to restore the original values. To get more information about these or other options, open help Desk by clicking on the "help"button.
The add files to an archive, proceed as follows: select the files and folders that needs to be submitted, click on the selection, right-click and select from the drop down menu one of the commands "add to archive".
To add a new file to the existing archive and as zip it when you pack it, open file RAR and select "Command" item "Add file to archive" or just drag the icon of the desired filein the program window. Automatically opens a new dialog box "Name and parameters of the archive". Install compression method "Max" for the new fileand in the same way that was described above. Click on the OK button.