To change the slitand the eye , apply the right makeup. Uniform rules for all does not exist, but shadow, liner, mascara you can adjust the appearance so much. Experiment with colors and methods of application. Eyeliner brown accents on the eyes, make it at an angle to change the visual form. Black eyeliner and mascara make eyesand more expressive.
Contact your beautician for corrective makeup. With makeup it can make the eyesand more remote or close together, zoom in, zoom out. If you wish you can do makeup in the Oriental style, then eyesKi will appear more narrow. Possible variations there is a huge number. The main thing — to discuss with the master how to do this kind of makeup, what nuances there are.
Make correction of eyebrows. For example, to visually enlarge the eyesand need to paint on eyebrows, making them more convex and wide. Good shape of the eyebrows opens the eyesand hide signs of fatigue, makes look younger. On the selection form, please contact the beauty salon, the professionals will do everything in the best way.
Or use false lashes. They will give your eyes extraordinary depth and expressiveness. The length of cilia can be corrected, for example the bridge of my nose to make a little shorter and the outside longer. Such adjustments give effect "to the widely opened spiritual heart", enhance and emphasize the contours.
Change incision eye using surgeons. In most cases, the pulls it downwards — operation for lengthening and expansion of eyeslits, Noah, is due to congenital defects, diseases and injuries. But today it is popular for aesthetic purposes. Is performed under General anesthesia. Traces of tampering unnoticed after a couple of months and the result lasts for a lifetime.
Consult your doctor about kataplexie is surgical correction eyelid. Similar operations are performed for aesthetic purposes, make it possible to remove bulging eyesand hanging bags, corrected the omission of the area of the eyesand change the cut. The operation has a number of contraindications.