Change the color of the environment. In people with blue, grey and green irises are fairly easy changes hue depending on the situation. For example, the gray-eyed man, dressed in a blue shirt and blue hat, it is easy to get the blue eye shade. The fact that the color of the objects of the surrounding world reflected in your parts of the body, including the eyes.
Use cosmetics. Women know the technique as to shade the eyes" in a different color. For example, the green-eyed lady, skillfully using brown or gray contour pencil and eye shadow, can make eye color darker, rich, and slightly change it.
The color of the eyes totally in a natural way is able to change both in childhood and old age. Most often, newborns are light eyed. Their eyes with the age becoming green, gray and brown. But the elderly, on the contrary, gradually lose the color of the iris. Old age, loss of vision, and the eyes seemed to be faded. Even darkbrown eyes at the older man can turn into honey.
To change your eye color without waiting for old age, can be caught in a stressful situation. Some people have eye color changes when they are seriously ill. Usually these changes are minor. The iris of the patient may become darker or lighter blue color can find grey or green shades. But brown eyes practically does not change.
Ophthalmologists say some inflammatory diseases of the eye, can change their color. This syndrome, Fuchs syndrome and Posner-Schlossman. In these patients the iris becomes greenish hue. Unfortunately, these diseases often affect only one eye, and, consequently, in humans, there is difference in color of both eyes (heterochromia).
There are hormonal eye drops, used in glaucoma to reduce intraocular pressure. Such preparations with prolonged instillation change eye color darker. But brown-eyed patients again almost do not notice color changes. These eye drops ophthalmologists have never used and unlikely to be prescribed specifically for color change eyes, since the latter is a side effect of the drug.