If your eyes are too big – use dark shades of makeup. Dark shadows, pencils and liner deepen visual fit, and if you don't want to visually enlarge the eyes – do not use bright colors in makeup.
To slightly narrow the eyes a little far apart on the face, accentuate with makeup attention to the inner corners of the eyes and nose. Do accents dark shadows, emphasizing the line of the upper and lower lid, swiping a dark stripe along the lash line. Carefully paint the shadows and contour of the eyelids close to the nose. Slightly darken the area around the nose and on the contrary, lighten light shadow space near the temples. This visually narrows the eye.
Paint eye-lashes India ink, highlighting in particular the back of the eye.
Also eyes is able to reduce the "cat" makeup. In order to achieve the effect of "cat's view", under the eyebrow apply a light shadow on the upper eyelid – dark shadows. Blend the shadows so that they appeared to the side beyond the outer corner of the eye, forming a kind of arrow. Dark pencil or eyeliner and complete the more clear the arrows and draw the lash line – this will further reduce the eye at the same time maintaining their expressiveness.