First, find an empty box of CD-ROM.
Now take the radio back and attach it to the inner side of the first fold of the package from the CD-ROM. This can be done by using double-sided tape or a special patch, come with Velcro.
Now get a normal calculator, as used by schoolchildren, and then the same way will fix it on the inner side of the second free sash boxes from the CD.
Next, turn on the radio to ensure that radio operates in the reception mode, AM band. Now adjust the radio to the highest frequency in this range. It is important that the selected frequency is not working, no radio. Crank up the volume and listen – you should hear coming from the speakers noise.
If you found the end of the AM band of your radio operating the radio, just set it so that on the one hand you were as close as possible to the station frequency, but heard only noise.
Start folding the box from a CD attached to its shutters included a calculator and a radio. You must at some point hear a loud rushing sound. This indicates that the radio caught the electromagnetic waves emitted by the calculator.
Just dilute the sash boxes in hand, to the sound mentioned in the previous step, was only slightly audible. Hold in this position design any metal object – you will again hear a sharp loud sound. Now you will always be a homemade metal detector, which can be if you wish to improve.