Please contact your doctor. Drugs in the treatment of neurosis are not critical, but they help to reduce depression, anxiety, eliminate insomnia, problems with the digestive tract and other unpleasant symptoms. And the main way of dealing with neurosis psychotherapy.
Insist on the therapist. Neurosiss can last for several years. During this time employees varies considerably – informed takes on uncharacteristic traits – introversion, aggressiveness or passivity. A long course of the disease due to the patient stay in the environment that caused the neurosis and continues to aggravate it. And as long as the problem that was the catalyst for a mental change will not be solved or will not disappear from the patient's life – he will not be cured. Psychotherapy, then, is to help the patient to learn how to build relationships with people, understand their problems and to change attitudes towards themselves and others. While the internal conflict of the patient's neurosis is resolved – cure will not happen.
Help the patient with neurosis. Loved ones should also help him gain confidence. Neurotic – a person mistrustful and frightened. To convince him is very difficult. Every day in his mind all the more strengthened the idea that around enemies, deceitful and selfish people. You need to have a lot of patience to continue to communicate with the sick neurosis. Another problem is that the neurotic can begin to make things that can be described as antisocial, selfish, and immoral. This is because he seeks to fit his distorted vision of the world – it seems that all people do.
Contribute to the lifestyle change of the patient's neurosis of man. To cure him, it may be necessary to change jobs, move to another area, to change the environment. Make it difficult, but very important. Such changes will affect positively due to the fact that the life of a neurotic disappear the catalyst for his illness. And sometimes this action becomes crucial in his recovery.