You will need
  • Knitting machine, yarn.
Now, down to business. Things related to knitting machinesAh are elegant, sophisticated, smooth fabric and very individual. But don't take modern knitting machines "singer", "brother". To work for them plain and uninteresting. No creative thought and creative acumen is not necessary.

Describe our reliable domestic knitting machine Neva-5". Me she never failed. You can knit very quickly things casual and dressy. It is his / her smooth weave, openwork, patterns, three-color, two-tone, just need a little with her friends, to work, to try different modes of operation. Getting started - this is the correct placement of the machine itself on the table. Screwing the machine must be very carefully several times to check that firmly stood our knitting unit, does not slip on the table, because we have to work with a certain force. The carriage should swing my arms - the machine is not electric, manual.
Well, the machine is installed, the needles are aligned, the dust removed with a stiff brush. Of course, first think over the style, beautiful and fashionable to knock them over, especially males. If there are strips or other two-tone pattern - preparing threads of two or more colors. Thread select smooth-smooth, not thick and not thin, then knitting will be a pleasure.

Knit better with bobbins where the thread is wound in a special way, layer by layer. Well, everything is ready, the threads tucked into the yarn guides, on your nose glasses. Calculation of knitted fabric, of course, is already done. It is very simple. To associate on the machine, a small sample, for example 30-40 hinges, remove from the machine. To pull in all directions carefully. Then with a ruler measure how many loops fit into one centimeter. Then all these centimeters multiplied by the size of the patterns - and more!
The carriage slides along the rails easily. Vivaselecta row by row, the thread lies smoothly, smoothly. That back ready. By the way, definitely need to start knitting from the back, and then knit the front part. Very carefully to knit the neckline, close the loop and remove from the machine.

Sleeves will be ready in a moment - they tally even faster. So, finally all the pieces are ready. Highly recommend related details chop on a pattern and do a little Ironing. It provided a smooth knitted fabric.

Better to sew on a conventional sewing machine. Beautiful and durable! And then I very suggest you take the spokes and handles to tie the collar, cuffs and the bottom of your beautiful blouse. This will give the originality, poignancy and personality to the product. That's all!

Pride overwhelms you!! Such beauty made by your hands! No one has a elegant blouse and never will be! That's all. Success and good luck!