You will need
  • - machine "Severyanka";
  • yarn.
Knitting machine "Severyanka" yarn laid out on the open needles. Then the machine starts to lift the plate, pulling the fabric and, simultaneously, advancing the thread under the plate itself. This machine forms a loop by the method of special movement of his own needles and get a General view of the canvas.
Knitting machine "Severyanka" is universal in that it can make designs a sufficient amount of, as it has movable plates which control the process of attagene fabric. For example, it can create patterns of press type, which are characterized by the accumulation of six nakido.
"Severyanka" allows you to knit and a few small items at a time, for example sleeves with shelves. This is achieved thanks to the manual process of laying threads in a needle. She can do a cut neck, vertical types of sections and even use yarn from two different skeins of yarn. Useful this kind of knitting machine and to create the color patterns of several skeins of different colors. The colored parts of the products will be evenly and easily.
The main type of weave, which can be done with the help of these Investigations will be quiet on culliney basis. This will be the perfect patterns pressing type, by turning the bottom bracket shell levers.
The machine has Decker, that is for moving loops. The needles in the machine are nominated in accordance with the specified pattern, making it easy to work on it. All this allows to manually create fishnet, weaving, jacquard and other weaves.
The basic operations available on the "Northerner": a set of loops and the elimination of defects, provasca the initial series and the closing of loops, the decrease and addition of loops, making the edges and the fabric at the bottom of the garment, creating about rubber bands or double-edge, knitting with extra floss or a serrated edge, loops and cuts, the easy release of the finished fabric, knitting a few items at a time, weave, ornaments and patterns, and horizontal and vertical connection of the coloured type.