Thinking about a new home for puppies can already during pregnancy dogs. If you have a planned breeding, and you are waiting for the birth of future Champions, you should immediately contact the local kennel club, where you explain in detail what to do.
Call friends and acquaintances, it is possible that someone has plans to buy a puppy.
After the puppies were born, we can estimate the whole volume of work. If there are two or three, problems with sale will not, but if more than five, you should start preparing to find a new home for kids.
First of all, give an ad in the newspaper. Specify breed puppies, age, color, presence of males and females. Future owners can begin to show babies from three weeks of age.
Go on the Internet. Today, there are a lot of sites that publish ads about selling puppies, you can also search the forums frequented by dog owners - they always have a section "Selling puppies".
If you are the owner of elite dogs, you can make your own website where will be information about the breed, your dog, and planned breedings and puppies.
If your dog has papers or is a proud name "torturer, the mechanism of action is the same: call friends, advertise in the newspaper and on the Internet. Approach the task with humor, because even the most unsympathetic pooch can be sold, if the ad is cute and funny.
Owners of large dogs will be easier, as many people take the puppies to the yard in order that they continue guarding the house. If your dog belongs to these breeds, the announcement can immediately tell that the dogs are large and would be great for guard service.
Another option to quickly sell puppies to go to the bird market, which is in almost every city. Put your kids in a nice basket, please bring your own disposable diapers, food and water for puppies. It will be great if your dog previously vaccinated and have state registration, veterinary with all the notes.
Quote on their puppies reasonable price, be prepared to bargain, don't you agree that money is of secondary importance, the main thing that your kids have found good hosts and a cozy house!